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Welcome to the Feel Good Store- a special place in the heart of Vienna made possible by a group of caring companies and individuals to support Ukrainians who have been displaced due to the war by providing them with urgently needed essentials such as clothing, personal care items and household goods, completely free of charge.


Staffed by Austrian and Ukrainian volunteers, the Feel Good Store also acts as a community center, offering a space to create connections, share information and foster goodwill.



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Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Open Hours



FÜHRICHGASSE 2 / Mezzanine

1010 WIEN


+43 677 643 113 53

Ukrainians in need are welcome to come by during opening hours to choose a few articles of clothing and other essential items, free of charge, for their own personal use.

Donations can be dropped off during opening hours. Please note that the store can be accessed by car, through the Kärtnerstrasse until 10:30 a.m. and 24 hours through the Führichgasse with short term "Ladezone" parking directly in front. 


What We Strive For

It’s called Feel Good Store for a reason. The aim is for all Ukrainian refugees in need who walk in - men, women, and especially, mothers with children - to walk out feeling good about how they will be dressed as they go for a job interview, as they begin their first day of school or simply settle into their new everyday lives here in Austria.


The Feel Good Store aims to help our new Ukrainian brothers and sisters put their best foot forward, helping them feel a bit more confident as they bravely begin anew in a foreign country with a foreign language and foreign customs.

Lending a Helping Hand

The Feel Good Store is made possible by the generous donations of the feel good community. Given by both private individuals and corporate entities, the donated items are further donated by the Feel Good Store to Ukrainians in need. The Feel Good Store is the meeting point where Ukrainians can choose from a selection of donations. 

How You Can Help 

Helping is easier than you think, take a look in your closets and cupboards. Are there items you would be willing to donate knowing they would help someone start a new life? Many Ukrainian refugees led very similar lives to ours and dressed just like us. They wore dresses and suits to work and jeans and sneakers in their free time. Children played with dolls and Legos and slept with their favorite teddy bear.

Any items you can donate, be it clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies or household goods, would be greatly appreciated. We ask only that all donations be in “like new” condition. Let us help give our Ukrainian friends a dignified new start here in Austria.

And if you could double up on your personal care items the next time you go to the drugstore, having one set in mind as a donation, that would be great!


Urgently needed items

  1. Spring weather clothes

  2. Children's shoes

  3. Household cleaning supplies

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Partner with us?
Corporate Donations 

If you own or work for a company that sells or produces clothing, shoes, personal care items, household goods, toys, etc., perhaps you have stock you can spare? Or perhaps you have collections from previous seasons crowding your warehouse? We would be happy to help you free up space. A clear win-win!


Please note that the Feel Good Store is located just off the Kärtnerstrasse, making it easy for shops in the area to donate. You can simply roll your donations over to the Feel Good Store or we will gladly come to you and pick them up. Just give us a call at +43 677 643 113 53. Thank you! 

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Ukraine Flag
Ukraine Flag


It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference


All people involved in this initiative, both Austrians and Ukrainians, are volunteers.


This initiative came together organically and is just the beginning of the Feel Good Community and Store. Stay tuned for developments...


Should you be interested in becoming a part of the Feel Good community, please contact us at



We are very thankful to all our partners and donors for their great support. If you would like to support, please contact us at

The is a private initiative with the purpose of providing immediate help and support for Ukrainian refugees. Responsible for website content: Barbara Ludwig, & Herta Vanas, 

Special thanks to our feel good supporter:

Steffi Knehs, Gifts GmbH & Co KG,

Kärntnerstrasse 20, 1010 Wien

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Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 21.52_edited.png


We’re looking for helping hands to join our team. 

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